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Victorians in Europe (VinE) is a student-led organisation that aims to recreate and sustain the Victorian Spirit beyond our school years in VJ. While our work is targeted mainly for Victorian alumni currently residing in/affiliated with European education institutions, we also focus on reaching out to Victorians who are keen to pursue a European education, in order to assist them in their decision-making. Since its initial founding in 2005-6, VinE has grown tremendously and is now the largest Victorian alumni organisation outside of Singapore.

Every year, VinE organises a range of activities in order to reach the abovementioned goals. Some of our key events include VinE Night, where Victorians gather together to re-connect over good food, games, mass dances, and relive memories of their time in VJ; as well as VinE Day Trip, where we spend a day exploring the UK – in 2015, we took a trip down to Norwich.

During the summer break (June-July), VinE heads back to VJC to engage our juniors through the Back to School Outreach, targeted at helping them in their decision-making process as they ruminate over the option of overseas tertiary education. We also organise a get-together BBQ event for the incoming freshers to mingle with their peers and seniors, typically in the month of August before they leave for their studies.

Entering our 10th anniversary this year, VinE is looking even stronger with the constant support of its members, partner societies, sponsors and, of course, VJC itself. We are set to continue our efforts in creating a true ‘home away from home’ – in a Victorian way.

Nil Sine Labore,

Gilbert Lim

10th Executive Committee
Victorians in Europe

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