Executive Committee Positions

President – Leanne Chan

The role of the President is to set the direction for the committee, in tandem with the Vice President. The President is also required to network with partner societies, such as ContactSingapore, Overseas Singaporean Unit, as well as the UKSSC, as well as maintain a close relationship with the VJC as most of VinE’s summer activities cannot take place without their help. Moreover, he or she will have to ensure that VinE funds are allocated properly with the help of the Treasurer.  The President usually chairs meetings whose frequency fluctuates throughout the year, depending on the timing of upcoming events. You will get the opportunity to meet many people from different societies or organisations and this provides a platform to know people not just from your college or school but from everywhere else in the UK.

Vice-President – Athena Ng

The role of the vice-president is essentially, to be the right-hand man of the president. You help to plan and co-ordinate the direction of the committee along with the president, setting the tone for the working ethos of the committee.  The VP is also responsible for the searching of sponsorship to fund VinE events. Being a relatively new student-led organization, it is important to establish relationships with existing sponsors so as to ensure they continue through the years. The VP is therefore responsible for drafting up sponsorship proposals and, together with the President, is responsible for networking with partner societies.

Secretary – Wei Liang

The role of the secretary is to maintain and support all administrative aspects of the committee. This includes managing the VinE email, contact lists of all members, sign-up sheets for events, as well as to take down minutes during committee meetings.

Treasurer – Bharat Punjabi

A treasurer is responsible for managing the VinE funds. This includes managing the income and expenses as well as planning the budget of events. VinE events are non profit-oriented, thus the challenge lies in sourcing for the most cost-efficient and viable options available. Also, the treasurer collects/chases for payments from people and provides the Exco with updates on with the number of event participants. Payments are usually accepted through internet banking thus having access to i-banking is very important!

Creative Directors – Priya Ramesh and Owen Kosman

The creative directors manage communications within VinE. Besides creating publicity material for VinE events, we also manage the official VinE website and social media channels. Throughout the year, the creative directors also send out the VinE newsletter to update the rest of the VinE community, as well as reach out to existing Victorian students. Additionally, we oversee the storage of all media owned by VinE, including documentation, photos, videos and other publicity materials.

Events Officers – Jun Hao and Yan Cheng

The events officers are the chief organisers of our key VinE events and activities, such as VinE Night, Chinese New Year Carnival, Sports Day, and VinE Day Trip. The event officers oversee and play a vital role in the planning and execution of these events, with a particular focus on synthesising event programmes. They also work closely with all the other committee members in budgeting, publicity and outreach of each event.

*Note: Although the roles are meticulously defined above, in reality the committee works with a degree of flexibility and synergy, especially during the most hectic periods of event planning.