Meet the 17/18 Exco!

The 17/18 VinE Executive Committee

Andre Tng, President

Economics at London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE)

Hi there! I’m Andre and I was from 13S48. I’m a first-year student at the London School of Economics (LSE) reading Economics. I sincerely believe that a good day is never complete without kaya toast and soft-boiled eggs in the morning, even if I’m a thousand miles away from home. In my free time, I like to indulge in music and photography. I’m also a self-proclaimed ‘travel-holic’, there’s so much to see and do around Europe, and it can be done on a budget too!

I’m grateful for VinE because the Summer Talk I attended when I was in J2 was really insightful and it really got me considering pursuing an education abroad. While the applications and eventually settling into a new environment seemed very daunting, I am grateful to have had priceless advice from seniors who had walked the same path before. It’s one that is less taken, but definitely one
worth taking.

Feel free to contact me or any of our EXCO members if you want to find out more about life abroad, we’re always here to help!

Santhiya, Vice President

Law at University College London (UCL)

Hi everyone! I’m Santhiya and I graduated from 14A14. I’m a second year student reading Law at UCL. I love traveling, spending time with my family and friends and trying new things!

Coming to London has been one of the most terrifying, but incredibly rewarding experiences in my life! I’ve learned so much about myself and I’m pretty sure everyone in the committee has also learned so many tips on going overseas for university – from applications, to settling down in the UK to making it a home away from home. So, as Vice-President, my main aim would be to to make this journey less intimidating for my juniors and to further unite the Victorian family in Europe! Feel free to email/message me if you have any questions about moving. Nil Sine Labore!

Tristen Tjokro, Treasurer

Mathematics at University College London (UCL)

Hey all! I’m Tristen Tjokro and I was of the class 13S42 (or 11V11) in VJC. I’m currently studying Mathematics at UCL (yuck!). Some of my hobbies include composing music and doing parkour. As of the moment, I’m also learning Wing Chun (think Ip Man J) and I’m hoping to pick up Japanese sometime in the near future. In addition, some of my favorite musicians include Coldplay, Jay Chou and Back Number. On a side note, I’m also a competitive Pokémon battler ☺.

While London is drastically different from Singapore, it’s perpetually freezing all the time and the wind can be a real pain, but there’s no doubt that choosing to come here to further my studies has been the best decision of my life. From my perspective, living abroad forces you to really step outside your comfort zone, and with no one to hold your hand as you truly experience independence for the first time, you finally become the adult you were meant to be. So, if you have any questions about studying abroad in the UK or even about just living in London, feel free to drop me a message via any social media platform and I promise to get back to you ASAP!

Tu Jia Qian, Secretary

Economics at London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE)

Hello! I am Jia Qian from class 14S53 (I have very fond memories of my class :’)) and I am a first-year Economics undergraduate at LSE. Studying abroad is not all what I imagined it to be, but I think I have learnt a lot about myself and grown over the past couple of months. I really enjoy the freedom I have  to explore new things (such as horse-riding, picking up Japanese Jiu-jitsu and learning Arabic) and travel around Europe.

I started dreaming about studying abroad in J1, after attending a VINE sharing session.  I know how stressful the process of applying, making a decision and moving abroad is, but don’t worry because we are here to help you! ☺ Please do get in touch with any one of us if you have any questions and we would try to reply ASAP ☺

Zachary Wong, Events Director

Politics and International Relations at London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE)

Hey everyone! I am Zachary, and I graduated from class 13S47 (and 11V11). I am a first year student studying Politics and International Relations at the London School of Economics. My pastimes include travelling and watching a good, intense game of football. As the Events Officer / Creative Director, I hope to plan various events that bind us closer together as one Victorian family in Europe. Also, if you have any queries on the admissions process or other doubts about life in UK/Europe in general, we are more than willing to assist so do feel free to ask!

Valerie Jia, Events Director

Mathematics with Statistics at Imperial College

Hi! I am Valerie Jia and graduated from 15S54. I am studying Mathematics with Statistics in Imperial College. Mathematics department gets the ugliest building in Imperial College. However, this cannot stop young mathematicians’ “passion” for this amazingly beautiful discipline. Mathematics is one of the most tuition fee-efficient courses in IC. We have no reading weeks and plenty of weekly tests. Welcome to my world!
UK is one of the best destinations to pursue higher education. The culture here is very diverse and dynamic. Particularly, I love antiques markets the best. You can always discover some special accessories. The experience in UK, especially London, is challenging and exciting! If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us!