Meet the new 16/17 Exco!

The 16/17 VinE Executive Committee

Leanne Chan, President

Mathematics and Economics at London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE)

Hi everyone! I am Leanne Chan and I was from class 14S40 back in VJ. I am currently studying Mathematics and Economics at the London School of Economics, which involves lot of proving- from proving why something is an even number to proving the fibonacci sequence *fun*. When it isn’t too cold in London, I’m out playing tennis, if not, I’m sitting in a cafe, enjoying some latte. I am also always up for a session of deep philosophical banter. Life in London has been exciting, to say the least. There is always something for you to do, from enjoying mulled wine at Christmas markets, to catching some stand-up comedy in a quaint little pub, to rocking out at a Panic! At The Disco concert.

Despite the exciting and interesting life in London, the thought of studying overseas is always intimidating at the start. I am ever appreciative of my seniors and VINE for being that lighthouse in this misty region, and the VINE community for being that home away from home. Hence, if you have any questions, suggestions on how we could improve, or would just like some philosophical banter over a cup of coffee, please do not hesitate to drop me a message on any one of my social media platforms (Facebook, Email, Insta, Twitter,, Snapchat..etc.). Looking forward to being able to help you, just like how my seniors helped me, and as always, Nil Sine Labore!

Athena Ng, Vice President

Law at University of Oxford

Hi! I’m Athena and I graduated from 14S33. By the strangest turn of events I eventually ended up studying Law in the University of Oxford. When I’m not pretending to know what the Law is, I enjoy rock climbing, travelling and attending networking events! JC was a wild ride for me, involving switching 3 classes in the first 2 days of school, doing a combi nobody else did, and attempting to geykiang my way through UK and US apps but eventually almost giving up on both. So if you feel like your life is in complete chaos right now, trust me when I say that the hard season will pass!

I guess I made the rookie mistake of coming to Oxford with completely no awareness of how the system worked – but, fortunately, that also meant that I was pleasantly surprised with how different, yet exciting life is here. Thus, I joined VinE to ensure that juniors know as much as they need to know before making huge decisions like these, because I do not want anyone to be stumbling through periods of confusion like I initially did. I promise that there are no “dumb” questions, and that if you have any questions about life in Oxford/Europe, academic insight, or even larger questions like comparisons between local and overseas universities, employment and financial support, I will be more than happy to share what I’ve learnt along the way!

Bharat Punjabi, Treasurer

Law at University College London (UCL)

Hey there! I am Bharat and I graduated from 14S52 (or 12V11). I’m a first year student reading Law at UCL. I enjoy travelling, and hope to be able to visit every capital in Europe by the end of my degree (wish me luck!). I’m also hoping to pick up a few languages during my course, including Chinese which would admittedly be very helpful when ordering my ji fan or bak chor mee back home. Besides this, I am addict of TV shoes like Suits and House of Cards.

Coming to London to study was a daunting but exciting experience, and I would expect that other Victorians who plan to embark on this journey would share the same sentiments. So, if you are in fact interested in an oversea education, or want to find out more about the student lifestyle in UK/London, hit me up anytime!

Seow Wei Liang, Secretary

Politics and International Relations at LSE

Hi Guys! My name is Wei Liang and I was from 14A11. I am a first-year undergraduate student studying Politics and International Relations. As cliché as this will sound, settling into London and a whole new culture was a rather intimidating experience-especially with the hustle and bustle in a fast-paced city like London. However, it has no doubt been a really fulfilling and rewarding experience-getting to know the nook and crannies of London, making friends from different cultures and being intellectually challenged in the classroom.

Joining the VinE committee was always a calling for me as my biggest regret leaving VJ was never being involved in heading or planning any major school events such as Victorian Affair despite having the opportunity to do so. Never be afraid to dream and ask lots of questions! Your seniors are all here to help you!

Peh Jun Hao, Events Director

Politics, Philosophy and Econmics at LSE

Hello! I’m Jun Hao, previously from 12S46 and I’m currently studying Politics, Philosophy and Economics in LSE. Before arriving in London, I had so many questions and doubts about varsity life overseas. Even with experience in national service and having gone for training overseas, nothing really prepared me for what’s to come. Thankfully, with the help of my seniors, I managed to transit and settle in properly. What’s important is to always ask! Your Vine Seniors are always here to help! It’s always good to drop by Vine sessions and events to get to know more tips and cheats! Nothing feels more like home than familiar faces and accents. I look forward to seeing all of you soon! Welcome to the family!

Chu Yan Cheng, Events Director

Government and History at LSE

Hello! I am Yan Cheng, previously from 13A12! Currently I’m a first year student at London School of Economics, studying Government and History. I love to read, watch TV shows and play games. I also enjoy learning and trying out new things! For instance, I’m picking up a new language this year (one of the many things you can do in your free time)!

Coming to the UK, everyday is like a huge mashup of excitement, energy and the unknown. There’s always something to do and places to see. A big part of my experience has been with friends who form my little “home” and I strongly believe that a sense of community is always awesome for adventures, support and even stress-management! I’m excited to be your Events Director, to do my little part for the Victorian community. 🙂

 Priya Ramesh, Creative Director

Medicine at University of Birmingham

Hi there! My name is Priya and I was from 14S33 (shoutout to BCML). I am a first-year undergraduate studying Medicine at the University of Birmingham. I’m a pretty rare species, as someone who goes to neither Oxbridge nor any London university haha. When I’m not trying to survive through med school, I’m usually doing something related to football. Apart from that, I enjoy literature a lot, as well as pretending to be intellectual by reading the New Yorker.

It’s brilliant that something like VinE exists because when you are thinking of moving miles away from home, it’s a little bit more comforting to know you have seniors who are ready to help you. It’s comforting because miles away from home, any familiar face at all is a welcome sight – especially if that familiar face has a mouth that can also speak some Singlish la. In the immortal words of Chris Martin, ‘if you never try, you’ll never know’ so if you have any question at all – however trivial it may seem to you – don’t be afraid to ask any one of us. ☺ We were in your position just a year ago, so we understand the kind of apprehensions you may have. Feel absolutely free to reach out. ☺

Owen Yunaputra Kosman, Creative Director

Materials Science at University of Oxford

Hi! I’m Owen from 14S40, currently studying Materials Science as a first-year undergraduate at St Edmund Hall, University of Oxford. Moving into Oxford was one of the most intense experiences I’ve felt since forever, but thanks to the people in VJC I can properly settle and make the most of the opportunities that await. Being in VinE committee allows me to pay it forward by helping juniors in their university applications as well as alumni in their academic pursuits.

I’m a film aficionado, so I can readily start heated conversations about films, but hopefully not make enemies in the process! In my free time, I usually take pictures of the city (because Oxford is that beautiful) and just run around the parks and meadows ☺  I’ll be instantly excited whenever people talk about photography, so hit me up for a coffee-table talk about that or anything under the sun, really!