University of Exeter



Exeter is a quiet city situated at the south west of England, which lies within the ceremonial county of Devon. Despite its size, Exeter is self sufficient with all the goods and services available in the bigger cities. Exeter is generally a safe city with low crime rate but going out in groups in the evening is recommended.


Exeter is generally warmer thoughout the year because of its geological location. The temperature ranges from 15-24 degrees over summer and the winter season starts around 15 degrees in October and gradually decreases over the months where in early Janauary it snows. It rains rather frequently, but it comes in the form of very light drizzles. Winds are gernally stronger as it in closer to the sea and beaches located in Cornwall.

Activities and attractions

Exeter is a vibrant city with endless on-going activities throughout the year. There is a selection of ochestra concerts, stand-up comedies, art exhibitions that you can attend. Everyear, there are also major activites within the city centre such as the marathon.

Estimated cost of living

  • Accommodation: 90 to 160 pounds per week
  • Food:
    • Home-cooked: 70 to 90 pounds per month
    • Eat out: depends on frequency. A decent meal would cost in the range of 10 pounds
  • Mobile phone bill: 15-25 per month
  • Transport: 10-15 pounds per month. (You will usually walk to campus, unless you stay far away from campus)
  • Total: 400-1000 pounds per month

    Huang Hongsheng
    Business (First Year Undergraduate) ’09/10
    VJC 06S64