University of Liverpool

The University of Liverpool Victoria Building
The University of Liverpool Victoria Building


Since being named European Capital of Culture in 2008, Liverpool has seen a dramatic change in both cultural activities and nightlife. With the development of the enormous shopping complex Liverpool ONE consisting of over 130 shops, a 14-screen cinema and a beautiful 5-acre park, shopping had definitely changed into a full day out. Another new addition to the city is the 11,000 seat ECHO arena, which has played host to a string of international events including the MTV Europe Music Awards and BBC Sport Personality of the Year, plus concert performances from Elton John, Lady Gaga and Beyonce.


Liverpool’s location on the west coast of England means that the temperature rarely reaches extremes, normally never dipping below freezing even in winter. The months between November and March are the coldest, and during the summer months from May to August, the temperature rarely goes about 20°C. Autumn is the rainiest season and spring the driest but its position means that rain is likely at any time of the year.

Activities and Attractions

Nobody can forget the passion that Liverpudlians have for their football, whether you support Liverpool or Everton, you’re sure to find someone else who is just as big a fan as you are!

Liverpool is home to 8 fantastic museums, all with free entry. Also not forgetting the Albert Dock which houses many award winning visitor attractions including Tate Liverpool, the famous Beatles Story, Merseyside Maritime Museum, as well as the 60 metre high Echo Wheel. You can also join a number of fascinating Liverpool tours, such as the creep Shiverpool Ghost Tour or a city and water tour on the Yellow Duckmarine.

Estimated cost of living

Cost of living in Liverpool is generally much cheaper compared to bigger cities like London and Manchester.

  • Accommodation: £60 to £90 per week
  • Food
    • Home-cooked: £ 50 per month
    • Eat out: £10- 15 per person
  • Mobile phone bill: £10-20 per month
  • Transport: £33 per month (if you buy the student saver bus pass at about £400/year)

Total: About £600 per month

University of Liverpool


Liverpool is home to three large universities, Liverpool University, Liverpool Hope University and Liverpool John Moores University, which means that the city is filled with students. The main university, University of Liverpool, founded in 1881, is a principal centre of excellence in many disciplines including engineering, medicine, dentistry, business and law and have students from over 100 countries of the world with a wide variety of backgrounds.

Liverpool University is a single campus situated close to the city centre and to many student halls which means one does not need to travel far to get anywhere.

Settling in

The Singapore Society at Liverpool University is both very closely-knit and very active with many events organised throughout the school year. This includes a pre-departure meeting in Singapore to give new students the opportunity to meet current Liverpool students. Subsequently, on arrival to Manchester Airport, overseas students are picked up by coach and taken to the University Campus where Singapore students are on hand to welcome them. This then follows on to several days of orientation with events organised either by the Liverpool University or the Singapore Society. The Singapore Society take great pride in ensuring new students settle in well thus one would never be far from a friendly voice or helping hand.

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