London Universities


London Universities

University College London
Imperial College London 
Goldsmiths, University of London
Kings College London
London School of Economics and Political Science
University of the Arts London


London, is the heart and capital of England and is one of the major cities in the world. It is a vibrant, cosmopolitan, and welcoming city, very much like Singapore. London is home to many world-renowned colleges and universities. It is a very cosmopolitan city with many nationalities. Most areas in central London are safe but going out in groups when going out of central London is recommended.


London is blessed with good weather. The temperature starts at 15 degrees in October and gradually decreases as winter approaches. In recent years, London has been able to experience sub-zero temperatures (and therefore snow). Rain comes in the form of very small drizzles(or sprinkles) and hardly gets you drenched. Winds are stronger than in Singapore. The coldest months are in January and February, with a low of about -5degrees at night. Come March (spring), it gets significantly warmer and the weather becomes much more pleasant again.

Activities and Attractions

Within London there are many musicals that you can catch during your time as a student here, from Phantom of the Opera, to Oliver and Avenue Q. The list goes on! There are also many interesting museums here. Some attractions include Oxford Street (Orchard Road of London), the London Eye, Buckingham Palace and the Big Ben. Chinatown is conveniently located in central London where you can get Singapore food, though at much higher prices.

Estimated cost of living

London is generally the most expensive city to live in the UK.

  • Accommodation: £150 to £230 per week
  • Food
    • Home-cooked: £70 to £90 per month
    • Eat out: £5 to £20 per meal!
  • Mobile phone bill: £15-25 per month
  • Transport: £10-40 per month (assuming you walk/cycle to school)

Total: £600-1000 per month