Kings College London


Kings College London


KCL has 4 campuses around central London – Strand, Waterloo, Guy’s and Denmark Hill. The Strand campus is right next door to the beautiful Somerset House (that has an ice-skating rink every winter!). It is within walking distance to Leicester Square (Chinatown!), Covent Garden and Trafalgar Square. The famous Maughan Library is part of the Strand Campus, and is where Dumbledore’s office, in the Harry Potter movies, was filmed.

Waterloo campus is located on the South Bank, right across Waterloo Bridge from Strand.  It is next to London’s South Bank arts and cultural quarter including the National Film Theatre and the Royal Festival Hall.

Guy’s campus is home to the School of Biomedical Sciences, the Dental Institute and the School of Medicine. It is next to The Shard (tallest building in the EU), the bustling Borough Market and Guy’s Hospital.

Denmark Hill is the main campus for the Institute of Psychiatry and has King’s College Hospital as part of the campus.

School Life

The school life of a typical King’s student varies from course to course. Some courses have as little as 8 contact hours a week while other courses can have up to 20 hours (or more!) of lessons a week. These are generally spread out as lectures, tutorials and workshops although some science-based courses can have laboratory work and dissection classes as well!


The percentage of international students also varies between different courses. Most Singaporeans you meet will be studying either law or medicine. There is wifi access throughout the 4 King’s campuses and halls.

Settling In

The KCL Singaporean Society organizes orientation events for students before coming to London. These include a pre-departure briefing and orientation camps. They also actively organise events, dinners and sports games to get the Singaporeans together throughout the year.

Amy Pannapat
Medicine (First Year Undergraduate) ’12