University College London


University College London


UCL is located primarily in the Bloomsbury area in Central London. It is close to places like Kings Cross (where you can sit the Eurostar), Oxford Street and Covent Garden. It is very much a city campus. While the area around UCL can be described as anything but quiet, it is very convenient to live in as everything is merely a short walk away. Accommodation is located relatively near the school, save for a few Halls of Residence that require a much longer walk to school. You can choose to stay in either a UCL Hall or a University of London Intercollegiate Hall.
It is famous for courses like Law, Clinical Medicine, Neuroscience & Behaviour, Psychology, Immunology, Pharmacology & Toxicology and the Social Sciences (e.g. Economics).

School Life

This very much depends on which course you study. Generally, Year One is a very relaxed time, as not all the results are counted towards your final degree classification (again, course-dependent) and there are relatively few lessons. This changes in Years Two and Three as the workload increases and as you get closer to graduation.

Tutorials are conducted in about a 1:15 tutor-to-student ratio. Exams are usually held in the Third Term, just after the one month Easter holiday in April.


UCL is renowned for having a large international student population, and students are generally very hardworking. The course you study affects the type of people you will meet, with many Asians found in more ‘practical’ courses like Economics.

Settling In

The UCL Singapore Society organises events for freshers, for example, an orientation walk in London and a pre-departure briefing in Singapore. There are many Singaporeans in UCL, and you will find it difficult not to meet one on the way to school. Help is usually just a very, very short walk down the corridor or road.

Alan Lim
Economics (First Year Undergraduate) ’09/10