University of Nottingham


City of Nottingham


As part of the East Midlands, Nottingham is a 2 hour train ride away from London. There is also an East Midlands Airport (EMA) that is about a half hour journey from the University and many students travel from EMA to other parts of Europe during the school vacation.


The weather in Nottingham ranges from about 15 degrees in September and during winter it can get as cold as -6 degrees. During January it sometimes snows so it is always handy to bring a coat with a hood or an umbrella when walking to class. During spring, the weather gets warmer and hovers around 12-24 degrees with the sun rising at about 5am and setting at around 9pm.

Activities and Attractions

Beeston is a 20 minute walk away from the University and is a cosy shopping area that has a supermarket, a Chinese supermart, a pharmacy, a few shops and a couple of Chinese restaurants . Many students frequent Beeston for groceries or to run errands at the bank (there is also a HSBC and a NatWest on campus) or to just have a cup of coffee with friends.

Nottingham city centre is about a 15 minute bus ride away from the University and there are many shops and restaurants there. There is also a cinema and a few bowling alleys in the city. It is relatively safe in Nottingham but it is always safer to travel in groups at night.

University of Nottingham


One of the nicest things about the University of Nottingham would definitely be the beautiful campus grounds and the view you get while walking to class everyday. You can either choose to stay in a catered hall on campus that’s usually about a 10-20 minute walk away from most of the school buildings or if you enjoy cooking, you can stay in a self-catered hall.

School Life

Classes take up between 14-30 hours a week, depending on your course of study. Some lecturers load their notes and lecture slides on an online portal which is really useful if you need extra help. Most lecturers are helpful and will be more than willing to arrange personal meetings if you are struggling with certain topics.

With a sports centre, tennis courts, a gym and an indoor swimming pool, exercising regularly will not be a problem. Many students also choose to jog around the campus and the lake when the weather is good. The Athletic Union also offers many different sports societies and participating in such activities can be a good way of making new friends with common interests.


The University of Nottingham has a high percentage of internationals and this definitely adds to the excitement of University life as you would probably meet people from countries all over the world. There are also many students on exchange from China & Malaysia since the University of Nottingham has 2 campuses in Ningbo and Kuala Lumpur.

Settling In

The Malaysian Singaporean Society (MSS) also organises events such as the Nottingham Games where Singapore societies from all the different universities in the UK come together for a day of friendly sport. At the start of the year, seniors will also normally throw housewarming parties and dinners to welcome the first years. A pre-departure session is usually organised in Singapore around mid July so that you will get to meet your future school mates from Singapore and to clarify any doubts with the seniors.