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The university is situated North of London, about 1h 20min train ride to London or 10min train ride/25min bus ride to Leicester or 15min train ride to Nottingham. Its a really small town under Leicestershire County. Town centre is about 20 minutes walk from school campus.

School life

Sports and Exercise Science course in Loughborough is the best in UK and known for its research skills and facilities. First year modules includes Exercise Physiology, Biomechanics of sport, IT of sport, Teaching and Coaching, Pedagogy of sports, Sociology of sport and other optional modules like Olympic studies, organization and management, basic biochemistry.

The course of study includes lab work, practical physical activities and lectures. Exams can be in the form of coursework or written papers. It is definitely going to be an exciting journey where you get to do PE in gymnastics from a teacher’s perspective, analyse rotations and the physics behind athletics and a range of different sports, understand how the body responds to an increase in exercise, maximum heart rate and different muscle fibers, learn the theory behind engaging more youth in sports.

Partying culture is really strong in Loughborough. The campus is well equipped with sports facilities including hockey pitches, soccer courts, basketball courts, martial arts centre, Olympic size swimming pool, cricket ground, gym. Strong international students support and manageable workload with a good work play balance makes Loughborough an excellent and unique university.


The university comprises of about 92% British students. Really small Asian population in Loughborough University-So if you’re looking for genuine British school experience, Loughborough is for you! It is pretty much a sports university so on Wednesdays we have half days for sports participation. Hall life is a major part of school life and it includes living with locals, partying, making friends from all over the world and of course, Britain itself!

Settling In

The cost of living is approximately 31,600 SGD for tuition fees per year and 10,800 SGD for on campus and catered accommodation (hall) inclusive of 3 meals a day for 5 weekdays. Meals in town cost around 8pounds (16SGD) for Asian food and approximately 6pounds (12SGD) for pub food or other English food

Lee Shuen Yee
Sports and Exercise Science(First Year Undergraduate) ’12/13

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