University of Manchester

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It’s basically a city up north, around 2.5hours away from London by train and also home to two of the world’s famous football clubs- Manchester United and Manchester City. Temperatures here are a tad bit colder than that in London but nothing compared to cities like Glasgow or Edinburgh which are even further up north.

School life

The school functions on a semester based system where there are two semesters in one academic year. At the end of each semester there is an examination which will cover the modules that you have already done unlike term based systems that schools in London adopt. The campus is situated relatively near the city centre and stretches further down south towards the residential areas.


UCL is renowned for having a large international student population, and students are generally very hardworking. The course you study affects the type of people you will meet, with many Asians found in more ‘practical’ courses like Economics.

Settling In

Settling in is simple here, just a couple of registrations on the first day and some orientation tours which are provided free of charge in accordance with lectures on the school’s system and policies. The cost of living can vary between individuals depending on how much you spend on consumables and food or clothing. But as an average, 400 pounds a month on expenditure will be more than enough to get you living comfortably and having good food everyday if you cook. Eating out will definitely set you back by a lot more though. The average cost per meal if you eat out will be around 5 pounds compared to cooking which might only set you back by at most 3 pounds (that is if you have a huge ribeye steak with other stuff).

Donovan Chan
Electrical Electronic Engineering(First Year Undergraduate) ’12/13

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